HTML & Ebay Auction Design Guide

The Basics

Using basic HTML ( Hyper Text Mark-up Language! ) on eBay can help grab your buyers attention, make your auctions stand out over your competitors and even make you look more professional!

To use HTML on eBay is a very easy process, as this page is for beginners I will include full instructions on how to use the codes on eBay, if you already know how to do this just skip to the codes!

When selling on eBay you have to enter an item description, at the top or bottom of this box (depending which sell your item form you use) you will see 2 tabs, the first is standard and the second is HTML. Whenever you insert any of the HTML codes from this page make sure you past them in when you in the HTML box and not the normal description editor.

If you want to add pictures, animations, backgrounds or music to your listings you will need a host, this is completely free and is very simple to use, first of all if you are going to be adding pictures or backgrounds click this link here you can open a free hosting account instantly which is simple to use.

 once you have opened your account go to 'my album and click 'browse' this will bring up a window from which you need to choose the picture you want to upload, the click 'submit', the picture will then appear in your album, if you require the HTML code for your picture simply tick the box and select 'generate HTML and img code' from the bottom of the page, then the code will appear in the box on the next page titled 'HTML code for eBay etc..', simply copy the code from here. If you require the 'URL' of your image this is located just under you picture on the main album page, this is explained in further detail below when required.

Once you have finished part or all of your auction certain codes won't be apparent until you have submitted the listing, say for instance a hyperlink within a picture won't be clickable in the description editor box. To check you have done something correctly just click the 'preview tab at the bottom of the description box and that will show you the full working codes as they would be seen in your auction.


How To Create A "Watch My Item" Link.

This is a great way of getting your auctions to the eBay pulse and keeping buyers interested in your auctions, you simply paste the following code into your auction, replace xxxxxxxx with your item number (you will have to submit your listing to get this then go to 'revise' your item and add the number eBay has just given you, where it says 'click here' simply delete this and add your own text, if you would like the link to be in a picture just add the HTML code instead of text.


How To Create A Pre-Filled 'Email Me' Link.

This is the best way for your buyers to ask any questions about your items, when clicked the link will bring your email address for the buyers to send you a direct email with your address and your chosen subject already filled in for them, this can be a text link or a link in a picture,  just add your email address and either your text or the HTML code of your picture:

Example: EMAIL ME


How To Create Other Page Links.

This is a good way of promoting your other items, shop, feedback, or maybe your web site, simply add the URL of the web site you want the link to lead to and add the text or a picture which will become clickable.

Example: YOUR TEXT


How To Add A Background To Your Auction.

I f you would like to add a background to your auction page simply paste the first part of the code right at the very top of your auction description and the second part at the very end of your description, the only thing you need to replace is 'YOUR URL' with the URL of your picture from photobucket, remember this is the URL and not the HTML code, then just click back to standard and the like magic the background will appear behind your description!



How To Make Moving Text (Marquee)

This is a very simple but effective code, simply paste the code into your listing and add what you want it to say, there are a few variations of this, it may look confusing but with a bit of practice is very simple, this will make the text move back and forth between the margins




How To Make Moving Pictures.

This is similar to the code above, just insert an image code instead of text, this is only recommended with small images, and it can make pages slow loading.



How To Change The Speed Or Direction Of A Marquee

Similar to the code above but here you can change the speed and direction of the text, simply change the your text in the code, then change the number, 1 being the slowest, then you can change left or right to suit.





How To Add Music In Your Auctions!

I rarely put sound in my auctions as a lot of people browse eBay at work and don't want your music suddenly blasting from their speakers, you have been warned! If you want to add sound you must first of all host your song or sound file in the same way as you host your pictures with photobucket, free music hosts are very hard to come by but just try a Google there's usually some special offers, then your host will give you the URL address of your song which you just add below:


How To Frame Your pictures

If you would like to add a border around your pictures, simply copy a code from and add the URL of your picture, the colours can be changed to anything you like.




How do I add a form button link?

Add this code to your page, then simply add the url you want the button to link to and the text you'd like to appear on the button.



How To Create A Drop Down Menu.

Cut and paste the following code to make a drop down menu or a jump menu. Add your own links and information ie. colour, font, font size, form name and menu name. If you use the colour tags, please note, they won't be seen in Netscape.



Please Note that the following codes are Java...

Although a lot of ebayers do use the codes in auctions, ebay officially only allow html.

You Have Been Warned!


How To Create Roller Coaster Text!

This is a very simple yet funky little script, just copy the code and add whatever text you like.



How To Create A Cursor Image.

This is a cracking little script, but can be annoying if you choose the wrong image, and be warned that ebay do not like the use of this in auctions!

I presume you've already noticed the example :)


How To Stop People Stealing Your Images

There's no real way round this but this code will sure help!

Paste this code at the top of your auctions and when people right click to copy an image they will get an error message saying whatever you like, again ebay aren't lovers of this script.