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 Victim of a scam as a buyer? Start here.... 
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Post Victim of a scam as a buyer? Start here....
Ring your local Police station and make an appointment to see a CID officer - don’t frustrate yourself by arguing your case with a desk clerk in reception - they are instructed to dismiss cases of 'fraudulent payment' as civil matters. (Fewer 'open' cases look better to the bureaucrats.) From the circumstances as outlined it's a clear case of Fraud by false representation which is a criminal offense under Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006.

The Police Officer that you speak to will hopefully be aware of eBay - almost every UK Police Station now has at least one specialist Officer knowledgeable about online fraud and e-crime - however it is possible that they won't be available. (They tend to get overworked at certain times of the year, so bear this in mind.)

Just in case the detective you speak to isn't up to speed with eBay, bring these contact details with you - they will need them to contact eBay UK.

Fax: 0207 6812389 ... ement.html

Bring hard copies of any emails you have received in relation to the auction, if possible make sure these emails display the all the headers. If you don’t know how - ask. Email headers contain vital clues in tracking down online criminals.

Printed copy of eBay auction(s)
Printed copy of payment details and payment reversal notice
Printed copies of posting and/or delivery details
Printed copies of all email between you and the buyer or other victims of buyer
Printed copies of notes of any telephone conversations you have had with buyer, PayPal or eBay.

All this should be logged as evidence so you'll be able to refer to it in any subsequent court proceedings.

You should also make sure that you can supply the Police with the user names of other victims, together with the item numbers of all the sales. Remember, you are building a case that can’t be dismissed as a civil matter - bear in mind that third party emails won’t be accepted. Emails forwarded to one member from another victim cannot be considered as part of your complaint so don’t waste time gathering them. Rather coordinate with other victims and get them to supply printed copies to their local CID once you get a crime number.

Once you have received a crime number be prepared to relay it to any of the other victims you are able to contact. They can add that information to the details they supply to the Officer who takes their report.

You may not get restitution, but the seller's details will be recorded and may permit a prosecution (and compensation) at a later date.

Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:34 pm
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Post Re: Victim of a scam as a buyer? Start here....
A victim is characterized as a man who has endured Cheap Assignment Help physical or enthusiastic mischief, property harm, or monetary misfortune therefore of a wrongdoing. The rights are accessible to a casualty who is a national or perpetual inhabitant. Casualties have the privilege to make a grumbling in the event that they trust their rights have not been regarded by a government division or office. Every government office and organizations that have duties under the Canadian Victim Bill of Rights need to give an approach to casualties to document grievances.

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Post Re: Victim of a scam as a buyer? Start here....
The rights are available to a setback who is a national or never-ending tenant. Losses have the benefit to make a protesting if they believe their rights have not been respected by Essay Help | Essay Champ an administration division or office. Each administration office and associations that have obligations under the Canadian Victim Bill of Rights need to give a way to deal with losses to archive grievances.

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Post Re: Victim of a scam as a buyer? Start here....

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Post Re: Victim of a scam as a buyer? Start here....
Victim complex is really another term for persecutor dreams, which has a posting in the DSM-IV. It includes the dread that some individual is mistreating or hurting you, or will later on and also the fancy that an apparent abuser expects to deliver hurt on you.

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Post Re: Victim of a scam as a buyer? Start here....
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Post Re: Victim of a scam as a buyer? Start here....
I don't have any Idea about this Victim of scam as a buyer how to start please can anyone tell please!!!!.......

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Post Re: Victim of a scam as a buyer? Start here....
hi. In this topic is really nice thanks for sharing.
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